MLN 6th - Fungi symbiose 2022 event 17 and 18 september 2022 - Belgrade - Ekofungi

MLN 6th - Fungi symbiose 2022 event 17 and 18 september 2022 - Belgrade - Ekofungi

In the past 2 years, the world has changed in many ways. More and more people have come to see that we need to change. The mushroom community knew this already for several years.

Mushrooms can play a big role! A network of equals is like the mycelium through which we can make a real difference to a world without waste, sustainable resources of green proteins, compostable materials and a business model that is resilient and can respond to contemporary challenges.

In the past 2 years, The MLN network changed to an online community and was a bit quiet. It is time to meet each other again! We need to step up the pace, the world needs us...

So we thought it was a good time to organize another event in 2022. 

On September 17 & 18, we will host the 6th mushroom learning network (MLN) event.

1th MLN - rotterzwam

During these 2 days we will help each other. You can bring your own challenge into the network and we will work out practical solutions with each other. 

Do you suffer with contamination issues? Do you wonder how you can use a waste stream? How can you deal with legal restrictions? How to fund your next step? How do you grow from a hobby grower into a professional entrepreneur? 

And many more questions to which we can certainly formulate an answer with all our experience.

So join the MLN and come to the MLN-2022 event on September 17 and 18.

We will visit the ekofungi nursery, have discussions with some experts and speakers and exchange know-how with the participants.


information will follow


Belgrade - Serbia - ekofungi



Ivanka Milenkovic - ekofungi


Mark Slegers - rotterzwam (NL)

We will propose a number of accommodations. You will have to book this yourself, mention MLN2022 when booking, because of this you will be offered a special promotional rate. The costs for the accommodations are for your own account.

Event fee

We charge a fee for this event of €150-200 per person (dependent on the number of participants). We will be transparent about all costs.

 This fee we provide: 

  • Transport between the proposed accommodations and ekofungi. 
  • We will provide lunch and refreshments during the event.. 
  • Dinner on Saturday evening (excluding drinks) 
  • The event facility from ekofungi
  • A small fee for the host and a travel allowance for the co-host. 
  • Lifetime access to the MLN community platform.


Pre-register your ticket here or contact Mark Slegers via

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