Mushroom Learning Network

20-10-2017 18:00 tot 22-10-2017 16:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)

Rotterdam, Nederland

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Mushroom Learning Network
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MLN 2017

Collaboration replaces competition

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The Mushroom Learning Network [MLN] is a cooperative of European urban mushroom farmers. Since 2013 the MLN started to organise meetings. Both online and offline.

The meetings are all about supporting entrepreneurs and help them overcome the hurdles of starting a business. Also to help them apply Blue Economy principles to the way they conduct business.

Blue Economy is, among others, about collaboration. The entrepreneurs in the MLN want to help others succeed in building a viable business on growing mushrooms on local waste. For some that waste is coffee grounds, for others clippings from olive branches.

The program is being created by the people who attend. So that means no fixed program. The only thing that is fixed is beginning and end. We recommend to arrive on Friday evening. So you are fresh to absorb all the information. We provide a place to gather and get to know each other over dinner. On Saturday we do a kick-off and after that we ask what you as participant want to hear about. Based on your input we will make small groups. On Sunday we will do an excusion. Either through BlueCity or Rotterdam.

These weekend meetings are not for profit. We charge a small fee and that is only to cover the costs. This year we charge € 50,-. This will cover the travel cost of expert Ivanka Milenkovic and your lunch and dinner on Saturday. The location will be made available without any charge by RotterZwam.

If you like the MLN weekend, then you will love the Living University. November 2016 Gunter Pauli and ZERI organised the first LU in El Hierro on the Canary Islands. This year the LU will be hosted by BlueCity. For those who don't know, BlueCity is the former swimming pool in which RotterZwam started its farm in 2013. It's now being developed in to an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. LU will start when MLN ends, on Sunday October 22th. Registration for LU will be separate from MLN weekend. More info on LU will follow.


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