rotterzwam Grow-kit

Grow mushrooms on your own coffee grounds

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Did you know that most coffee is drank at home? In fact, about 70% which is a whole lot of coffee grounds in Dutch households. And did you know that oyster mushrooms love to grow on this coffee waste? This is why we developed the rotterzwam grow-kit which enables you to grow delicious, fresh oyster mushrooms on your used coffee grounds. In your own home. Our mission includes that all Dutch people will be home-growers. #aanrecht-agrariërs.

This can work for you even if you do not drink a lot of coffee as the grow-kit works with small quantities of coffee grounds. To save up your coffee grounds in advance is therefore not necessary. You can simply start with coffee grounds from your coffee machine, Senseo pads, filter, etc.

Reusing the Grow-kit
The great news: you can keep re-using the grow-kit without having to use a new starter. It is not a product to throw away. This means you can perpetually keep using your own coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.  Register for our e-mail list emailer for detailed instructions.   

The grow-kit is assembled in Rotterdam, has a wrap of recycled cardboard and is made from leftover plastic tubs that would otherwise be destroyed.

          Where can I buy this?

          The grow-kit can be bought in shops and web
          shops throughout the Netherlands.  
          Are you interested to see if the grow-kit
          is available in your neighborhood?
          Check our overview of sales outlets.

          E-mail list

          Tips and tricks to start up your grow-kit. Just register for our e-mail list and receive 7 e-mails full of video-instructions, photos and background information on the mushroom growing process. 

          (Re) ordering starting culture

          Is your mushroom culture not productive anymore? Would you, therefore, like to reorder new starting culture? You can order packets of starting culture in our webshop to set up your grow-kit anew.


          Do you have green mold in your grow-kit? Or do you have small, dry mushrooms? You can find helpful information in the Q&A section.

          The change begins with you