Tours at rotterzwam

A tour through our farm

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Did you always want to take a look at rotterzwam? Are you curious how on earth we got the idea to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds?

Then come and look around for 1.5 hours and immerse yourself in our motivations and ambitions. Listen to what we think about waste and hear about alternatives. We will finish by showing you around our mushroom farm.

Originally we were based at the old beauty salon at the former Tropicana. Our new farm is located at Schiemond 20, Delfshaven, Rotterdam.

The tours are for 30 people max. and we plan them in consultation with you. The cost per tour is €295,- and takes 1.5 hours.

What is included? An uplifting story, a dose of inspiration and a tour through our mushroom grow-rooms.

Would you like to listen to our inspiring story? - just like the enthusiastic Finnish entrepreneurs on this picture. Then send us an e-mail and we will get into contact with you.

Are you interested in a tour at Rotterzwam ?

We will offer tours again from June 2019.