Oyster mushrooms - fresh, local and circular


Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Look at our beautiful, fresh oyster mushrooms. These cream-colored mushrooms are the pivot of rotterzwam . What is so special about them? - They have grown on a waste stream; coffee grounds from Rotterdam. We are not only working with the system of a circular economy but also local. That is why we only deliver oyster mushrooms in the city of Rotterdam. This means they only travel a very short distance to your plate.

Salad bar, lunch shop or caterer?
Do you have a restaurant, snack bar or lunch shop in Rotterdam? Are you a caterer or chef in a company canteen? And would you like to work with our super-fresh mushrooms? Then you have to know the following information: these oyster mushrooms cost € 10,- per kg and we work with voucher cards. You buy vouchers for 10 or 21 kg from us and each time you order we subtract this from your balance. That is how simple it is.


Throughout the last year, we have worked dedicatedly to re-sprout . Thanks to our successful crowdfunding campaign we are now able to build our new mushroom farm. This will enable us to convert 6000 kg of coffee grounds into the tastiest oyster mushrooms in the universe. We are still busy with the building process but you can already reserve your share of the first mushrooms.

Would you also like to work with a sustainable and local product? Do you already see our oyster mushrooms on your menu? Then fill in this  dit form and we will get into contact with you.